Life in Chaos?

It takes more than capital and good intentions to ensure a worry-free financial future.  When you have wealth, people think your life is easy.  The reality is that it usually becomes a lot more complicated and solid, trustworthy advice is paramount!

Joanne helps you manage those complexities to organize and simplify your life.

This is done through a comprehensive wealth management program called Your Life In Order.

For the better part of two decades Joanne has developed this program through extensive experience securing financial futures over several family generations.  Working with her team of Wealth Management Professionals in conjunction with each client’s own professional advisors, Joanne provides integrated financial and life management services tailored to your family’s unique objectives and goals.

Your Life in Order

Is a process which Joanne personally designed to ensure every facet of each client’s financial life is fully coordinated.

From Portfolio Design and Investment Management to Full Comprehensive Estate Planning, Joanne guides you through every step of the way.

Then working closely with your own Professional Advisors, the following areas are addressed:

  • Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • Financial Independence Planning
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Comprehensive Estate Planning
  • Intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Business succession planning

Next, Joanne ensures that all of the pieces work well together. This process combined with a long-term disciplined investment strategy, enables Joanne to successfully maintain your long-term financial and life goals.


The Eight Steps to Put Your Life in Order

Joanne’s team will guide you through this modular process, through a series of quarterly meetings.

1. The Discovery Process
Our first step is to have a private conversation designed to achieve a complete understanding of your current situation and any concerns you may have regarding your finances, your goals, and the hopes and dreams for yourself and your family.

2. The Values Conversation
In step two we facilitate a meaningful discussion that helps us arrive at an understanding of your fundamental values. Once completed, we develop a strategy that aligns those values with your financial decision making process, thus enabling you to fulfill your long-term goals. This forms the foundation of our relationship: we understand exactly what you want, and you understand how we will get you there.

3. The Successful Investor Transformation
Based on extensive research identifying the key behaviours of highly successful investors, we identify your current investment habits and then help you transform those habits into ones that are better aligned to help you achieve your desired results.

4. The Financial Independence Roadmap
Next we determine exactly what you need to do to arrive, with a high level of confidence, at a time in your life that will enable you to retire on your own terms: specifically, the exact dollar number, savings rate, and targeted rate of return required in order for you to make work "optional".

5. The Tax Reduction Solution
By working closely with your current tax and legal advisors in conjunction with our Wealth Management team of professionals, we conduct a thorough review of your current tax situation. We use your two most recent tax returns to identify strategies to minimize legally, the income tax you pay on a household basis. By analyzing your situation, we often uncover strategies that can save you and your family thousands of dollars annually.

6. The Asset & Income Protection Review
In this step we design a strategy that will help you protect and maintain your family’s lifestyle, regardless of your personal health and longevity. We also review all your existing insurance plans to determine whether you have the right kind of protection and level of coverage.

7. The Education Planner
The rising cost of post-secondary education has increased the importance of thorough planning. After completing "The Education Planner” you will be positioned to afford the very best education for which your children and/or grandchildren qualify, without the burden of student loans when they graduate.

8. The “Your Life in Order” Preservation Strategy
In our final step we arrange your estate to offset the impact of taxation and to protect your family’s important assets. By doing so, you will be able to endow meaningful legacies to succeeding generations and to your community, should you so choose. If you are already retired, our focus is to ensure that, in today’s dollars, you continue to enjoy your retirement in the standard of living to which you have become accustomed.